Brexit – Process for EEA Nationals

EEA Application Process

The UKVI have released a technical paper confirming that they intend to streamline the application process in order to wade through the 3 million possible applications from EEA Nationals living in the United Kingdom.

The new system will be designed from scratch using a digital application  which draws on government data  such as employment records etc. This will minimise the burden on documentary evidence and the overall processing cost for the individual.

EEA nationals and their family members who currently reside in the UK may be given sufficient time after we exit to make their application. This voluntary application process may be set up so that applicants can start the process of applying for a new status at their earliest convenience.

The UK estimates that the period of time available for individuals may be for approximately 2 years after UK’s exit from the EU. People who have submitted an application during the withdrawal agreement may have their status protected.

If you would like to read the full policy document from the UKVI please click on the following link:

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