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Resident Labour Market Test

The Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) demonstrates to the Home Office that the UK labour market has not been disadvantaged or devalued when UK employers recruit skills from outside the European Economic Area. In order to carry out the RLMT, the employer is required to conduct a visible advertising campaign for the appointment for a period of 28 days.

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Job Coding and Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (RCoS) requests

Job coding

Job coding – there is a framework of requirements that must be satisfied if a Licenced Sponsor was to successfully request a Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship. The sponsorship mechanism allows British businesses access to international talent.

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About the Sponsor Management System


sponsor management system

Once your Tier 2 Employer Sponsorship Licence is granted, your company will receive access credentials to your Sponsor Management System (SMS). As declared in the application process, access should be limited to designated and authorised company or representative key personnel as the Sponsor Management System portal will contain privileged company information. The portal also allows the confidential exchange of information with the Home Office that the company must be accountable for such as:

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Employer Sponsor Licence Revoked or Downgraded?

Why do companies get their licence revoked or downgraded?

Without frequent updates a Licence can rapidly become out of date failing to represent the Employer current status. There are requirements that Sponsors must adhere to in order to avoid their licence being downgraded or revoked.

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Employer Sponsor Licence Renewal Process

Employer Sponsor Licence Renewal Process

Employer Sponsor Licence Renewal Process

The renewal process is relatively straight forward.  However you will need to reassure yourself that you have remained compliant with your duties as a Sponsor. Additionally, you must continue to have the resources in place to sponsor your Tier 2 workforce.

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Premium Service Centre appointments in the UK: Prioritise your timeline

Premium Service Centre

The following notes should help you avoid getting trapped in the waiting game of Premium Service Centre appointment booking. Premium Service Centre decisions (for some applications made in the UK) can be made more quickly than a postal route, but a postal route is easier on occasion.

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EU Settlement Scheme

In response to the proposed EU Settlement Scheme, I am penning this blog both  to recent enquiries which in essence incorporate the repeated concern: “I have just read that after March 2019 that our permanent residence certificates will not be valid any longer!!??” as well as a continuation of my previous blog – the lack of clarity as to exactly how European citizens will regularise their immigration status post-March 2019 remains.

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