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6th July Rule Changes – Tier 2 Allocation of Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship

Tier 2 Limit oversubscribed

UK businesses sponsoring individuals from outside the EEA should be aware that the back log of Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship applications will start to ease after 6th July 2018. The Tier 2 Limit of 20,700 restricted certificates of sponsorship has been oversubscribed since December 2017 meaning there has been a huge back log of applications to filter through the Tier 2 Limits Team each month. Almost half of the annual allocation has been used by NHS professionals due to pressures and skills shortages, a direct result of health sector professionals leaving the UK.

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The Brexodus of Businesses

There are a number of concerns with the UK Government’s apparent determination to maintain a tight grip on the inflow of skilled migrants. Muddling a vote for Brexit with a clamp down on skilled migrants is hampering the growth of the UK economy. Both public and private sector organisations have been severely disadvantaged over the past 6 months as the Home Office have been forced to favour crucial skills shortages to the utter detriment of all else.

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First Steps: Family Applications and the Financial Requirement

Spouse Visa UK, Fiancé  and un-married partner visa applications made under Appendix-FM of the Immigration Rules are made more complex by the Financial Requirement. The spousal route can be either ‘switched’ into from within the UK from another long-term route i.e. under Tier 2 sponsorship, or more commonly from our experience, from the applicant’s country of residence.

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Tier 2 Rule Changes April 2018 – General

Tier 2 Rule Changes April 2018 – The Tier 2 (General) is a category for migrant workers who hold an offer of a skilled job from a Tier 2 licensed employer. Up until now, students on a Tier 4 visa, a sizeable source of potential employment possibilities for UK businesses, would have had to wait until they have received their final results before attempting to switch to Tier 2. Some grace has now been granted by the Home Office insofar as students may now apply to switch from their studies as soon as they have completed their courses; this is more in line with those undertaking PhDs.

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Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship Allocations

Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship Allocations

Tier 2 Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship allocations for this month are significantly less than the last quarter due to the annual allocation for restricted CoSs coming to an end in March 2018, which may mean applications for RCoSs in March stand further scrutiny by the Tier 2 Limits Team. If you are applying for a restricted Certificate of Sponsorship be aware that your application will have to score highly to succeed, or it may rollover to the following month or ultimately refused.

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Chronic Skills Shortage within the tech sector

Chronic Skills Shortage Within The Tech Sector

Within the ‘tech’ sector in the UK there continues to be what could be termed as a ‘chronic skills shortage’ of supply from the local labour market. This may come initially as a surprise to many, given that this sector has contributed more than £90 billion to the UK economy coffers and boasts an average salary that many can only dream of. Conversely digital skills shortage has been attributed to the existence of one in five job vacancies in the UK and places a stranglehold on many companies who are unable to realise their competitive potential subsequently becoming less attractive as a possible destination for those abroad searching for ambitious, innovative and dynamic destinations in which to invest.

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11 Tips – Presenting your UK visa application

11 Tips – Presenting your UK Visa Application

The Visa Office caseworkers have put together some tips on how to present a UK visa paper application. Please read below:

  • Allow plenty of time to make your application – If you are making an application inside the UK start compiling your documents at least 60 days before the expiry date of your visa. This will give you time to order certificates, request documents from HMRC and sit your English Language exam.
  • You may make your application for an extension up to 28 days prior to the expiry date of  your current visa.

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Brexit – Application process for EEA Nationals

Application process for EEA Nationals

The UKVI have released a technical paper confirming that they intend to streamline the application process in order to wade through the 3 million possible applications from EEA Nationals living in the United Kingdom.

The new system will be designed from scratch using a digital application  which draws on government data  such as employment records etc. This will minimise the burden on documentary evidence and the overall processing cost for the individual.

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Immigration Skills Charge – Tier 2 Sponsors take note

The Immigration Skills Charge – 6th April 2017

Skills Charge – Businesses who employ foreign workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) through the Tier 2 visa routes for Skilled Workers and Intra Company Transfer be aware that subject to parliamentary approval, the charge will be rolled out on 6th April 2017.

The Surcharge is designed to encourage businesses to source their skilled work force from the UK resident labour market and to invest money into apprenticeship training for their employees. The skills charge will also help reduce the burden of tax from the Immigration System.
Unless otherwise listed below, all businesses will be required to pay £1000 per Tier 2 migrant per year.

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