11 Tips – Presenting your UK visa application

11 Tips – Presenting your UK Visa Application

The Visa Office caseworkers have put together some tips on how to present a UK visa paper application. Please read below:

  • Allow plenty of time to make your application – If you are making an application inside the UK start compiling your documents at least 60 days before the expiry date of your visa. This will give you time to order certificates, request documents from HMRC and sit your English Language exam.
  • You may make your application for an extension up to 28 days prior to the expiry date of  your current visa.

  • A question many clients ask is ‘Can we staple visa documents?‘ The answer is no, do not use paper clips or staples in your document bundle except when you are affixing your photograph to the form.
  • The rules and Immigration routes change frequently from year to year. Therefore you must ensure your application form is the right one for your case and that it is ‘in date’. Your application may be returned invalid if you use an incorrect form or if the form is old. Always refer to the UKVI website for updated information about the rule changes and forms.
  • Try not to make any mistakes in your application form. If you’ve made a mess start again.
  • Use block capitals in all areas you are required to complete and only use black or blue ink, do not mix the inks.
  • Make sure your passport photograph/s are the right size (refer to below diagram). Do not affix your photograph/s with glue, use a staple on the edge of the photograph avoiding the face and body area. Or use a transparent envelope and attach it.
  • Ensure all the information provided is pertinent to the application you are submitting. Add a cover letter setting your history  and  supporting documents in order. This will help the caseworker review your application more efficiently and may even speed up the consideration process.
  • Make sure you make a copy of your application and all the documents in the bundle and keep the copy in a safe place.
  • When sending your application and documents, make sure you send them via Royal Mail Special delivery, so you can demonstrate that you have submitted an ‘in time’ application to UKVI.

If you are worried about whether you meet the suitability of the visa you are applying for or you need someone to check your application, there are regulated companies who can help. Please click on the following link for a list of regulated advisers: https://www.gov.uk/find-an-immigration-adviser.

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