Tier 1 Entrepreneur Team

Tier 1 Entrepreneur Team

entrepreneur team

The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is available to an individual applicant or an Entrepreneurial Team who want to come to the UK in order to be actively involved in setting up a business. To run a business or businesses here in the UK. A business can be identified as an enterprise, sole trader, partnership, or a company registered in the United Kingdom.

An Entrepreneur Team  may collectively claim points in this route for the same investments, available funds, jobs created and business activity in all applications including settlement. However all of the following requirements must be met for an Entrepreneur Team application to be considered in addition to the general requirements of the category.

  1. An Entrepreneur Team is limited to a maximum of two people.
  2. The team must have an equal level of control over the funds/ investment and operations of the business which should be demonstrated through a status, for example, as directors.
  3. The accounts in which the investment is held must be in both names of the Entrepreneurial Team.
  4. All bank statements must show the names of the Entrepreneurial Team members.
  5. You must cross reference each other in your respective Tier 1 applications, whether they are for the initial application or extension.
  6. The Investment and business activity cannot be used in another application with a different Tier 1 entrepreneur applicant as part of a team.
  7. Either member of your team has previously been granted leave as a Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) migrant on the basis of investment and/or business activity linked in this way with any applicant other than each other.

The Entrepreneurial Team must be mutually complimentary and their skillset must be represented within the body of the Business plan.

If you need advice on any aspects of the process of applying as a Tier 1 Entrepreneurial team. Please get in contact with our Business Immigration Team on T: 0207 836 8505

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