Marriage Visa UK – Getting Married?

Marriage visa UK

Marriage Visa UK – If you are a couple and you intend to get married in the United Kingdom you may want to apply for permission to enter the UK known as Entry Clearance. Entry Clearance applies to people who are nationals from outside the EEA. If you do not need a visa to visit the UK ie you are from the United States, you are still required to apply for Entry Clearance for  the purpose of marriage or civil partnership in the UK.
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Fees set to rise on March 2016

Visa application fees set to rise

UK Visa Application fees set to rise

UK Visas and Immigration has introduced new visa application and service fee changes for 2016. These fee changes are said to reflect a self-funding system while simultaneously maintaining a competitive level of service to the general public.

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Traditional Industry key to the 21st Century

Tier 2 sponsor license

For the past year, the British economy has surpassed pre-recession ‘peak’ economic markers set 7 years ago. The UK economy is now bigger than ever before and rapidly building momentum. The Chancellor, George Osborne has just released his pro business budget designed to support the continued growth of this diverse economy but also act as a blue print to a more balanced modern UK society. Sustainable long-term growth depends on increasing the contribution of business investment and ultimately the UK’s ability to export. The British export market is equally diverse, made up of a combination of commodities, services and finished goods. However, flagging commodity export values mean that services and goods become increasingly significant and the latter key to balancing the distribution of wealth.

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