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sponsor management system

Once your Tier 2 Employer Sponsorship Licence is granted, your company will receive access credentials to your Sponsor Management System (SMS). As declared in the application process, access should be limited to designated and authorised company or representative key personnel as the Sponsor Management System portal will contain privileged company information. The portal also allows the confidential exchange of information with the Home Office that the company must be accountable for such as:

  1. Assign restricted/unrestricted Certificates of Sponsorship
  2. Request annual allocation of unrestricted certificates of sponsorship
  3. Assign Key Personnel
  4. Update company information
  5. Update Key personnel
  6. Report Migrant activity

The Home Office publish and update a total of 12 different user manuals covering the various functions of the system; from managing rudimentary company detail to managing and reporting on those you sponsor. Whilst the SMS may not be as user friendly as a customer service portal found elsewhere, it is important that Sponsors ensure the detail entered is timely and accurate.

It is also important that SMS access credentials are securely stored. It is an ongoing concern as company staff may change through the years. Therefore the ability to access and utilise vital SMS functions is maintained for the sake of those you sponsor. Manually gaining access and modifying a SMS is possible but is a timely and complex process if you do not understand the important variables.

How we can assist?

Our Immigration Advisory Services can help you maintain a healthy and compliant Licence by ensuring you are up to date with all your duties and responsibilities. For more information please look at our Tier 2 Employer Sponsor Licence support services, or contact our Business Immigration Team.

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