Sponsor Licence Renewal

Renew your licence early to avoid the potential harm an out of time application can do to your migrant workforce and business.

Tier 2 Sponsor Licence renewal
In order to protect your existing migrant workforce it is important that you apply to renew your sponsor licence in time before the expiry date of the licence. If, you do not apply to renew your licence, the Home Office will curtail your migrant workforces leave to 60 days. If they haven’t found an alternative sponsor within those 60 days they will be required to leave the country, which is not what anyone wants. You will not be able to access the Sponsorship Management System or Issue Certificates of Sponsorship without a valid licence. In order to avoid administration oversights the Home Office will send out three reminders starting three months in advance of the licence expiry, allowing you time to manage an in-time renewal.

Sponsor Licence Renewal Process

  1. You must apply to renew your licence using your Sponsor Management System
  2. Please ensure you review the most recent guidance on the sponsor licence renewal process to be up to date with any process, legal or compliance changes. For example making sure the information on the licence is up to date with the right Key Personnel and work address
  3. If any amendments are required and before you renew the licence please ensure you have the Authorisation Officers authority in writing
  4. You must pay a sponsor licence renewal fee. Please ensure you select the right fee for the size of the company as your application may be rejected
  5. Once the application for a Sponsor licence renewal has been submitted online, the Home office will conduct further checks and may request supporting documentary evidence
  6. If, the Home office is not satisfied you meet the requirements of the licence application, they may conduct a site visit to reassure themselves that you continue to maintain the compliance and administration requirements of the Tier 2 Sponsor Licence

In order to ensure a smooth transition we advise that you start the renewal process at least 2 months in advance of the expiry date. This will ensure you:
• Have gained consent from the Authorisation Officer
• Maintained all the reporting duties
• Updated your personnel files
• Undertaken an in-house compliance audit

If you are unable to manage the above due to core work commitments, your Immigration Consultant can manage this process for you. If you don’t have one please get in contact with us. Tier 2 Sponsor Licence applications and the management of migrant workers are one of the key areas we specialise in.

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