UK Ancestry Visa

UK Ancestry Visa

An application for a UK Ancestry Visa is considered on the basis that you are a national from a commonwealth country and that you have a grandparent born within the shores of the United Kingdom.

Basic Requirements

You must:

  • Be a Commonwealth citizen.
  • Be over the age of 17 years.
  • Demonstrate you have a grandparent born within the shores of the United Kingdom.
  • Show that you intend to maintain and support yourself through employment in the UK.


You cannot apply for the Ancestry visa whilst you are in the UK on another visa, you must return home and make an application from there. You are required to make an application online and then submit your supporting documents at the designated Visa Application Centre (VAC) in your home country.

Key Information

  • The UK Ancestry Visa is issued for a period of five years.
  • Switch into this visa in the United Kingdom.
  • You may apply for a UK ancestry visa renewal for a further term. However many people apply for ILR after they have completed 5 years in the UK Ancestry Visa category.
  • You may work without restriction, employed or self-employed.
  • This visa leads to settlement after 5 years.
  • You may bring your dependants on this visa.

Can I renew my Ancestry visa?

Yes, if you do not meet the continuous residency requirements of 5 years for Settlement due to being outside the UK for a long period of time you may renew your Ancestry visa for a further term.

My UK Ancestry visa has been refused, what do I need to do?

Make sure you have a copy of the decision or refusal letter, this letter will detail the reasons as to why your visa has been refused. Sometimes the reason is quite transparent, however there are cases where you may need to get expert advice. 

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