UK Visa Refusal

Visa Refusal

UK Visa Refusal – Did you know that 9% of all visa applications made inside the UK were refused in 2017

A UK visa refusal of any nature requires an expert to review the UKVI decision/refusal letter in order to gage an understanding of the consideration behind it. There are a number of factors as to why your visa may have been refused; rule changes, incorrect supporting documentation, unspent convictions to name a few.

James Kennedy our Senior Immigration Adviser has assisted in many refusal cases and can provide UK services to suit your budgetary requirements. Whether you need a consultation or full representation he along with his team can guide you through the correct process ensuring all inconsistencies have been identified and dealt with appropriately prior to moving forward with the right process; whether it is for an appeal, judicial review, administrative review or simply re-applying.

We have a Skype consultation service for applications made abroad and refused. Please Contact Us and book a consultation with one of our UK Immigration Consultants.

Getting advice the second time round will provide you with the comfort you need.

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