UK Visa Refusal

Visa Refusal

UK Visa Refusal – Did you know 9% of all visa applications made inside the UK were refused in 2017

A visa refusal of any nature can be life altering. A barrier in the face of a  career move, joining your family, studying your Masters or just visiting your best friend.

Visa refusals are very common in the UK and many visa applications fall to refusal for the following reasons:

  • Applying on the wrong form – Particularly when it comes to Nationality applications. Complex rules can lead to wrong decisions.
  • Submitting insufficient documentation to meet the specified rules – If you can’t prove you meet the requirements through your own documentation the Home Office will find it difficult to do this through their own means. Try and make their life easier by ensuring your documentation is available. Start gathering your documents in plenty of time.
  • Failing to meet the rules in the first instance – You simply don’t qualify for the visa, this could be because you don’t meet the English Language requirement, the relationship with your partner is no longer subsisting, your salary does not meet the financial requirement. It is always worth seeking advice from an adviser as there may be an alternative visa route to better suit your circumstances.
  • Your Financial records are not from an approved source. The Home Office have published a list of international institutions with whom do not satisfactorily verify financial statements. Please refer to Immigration Rules Appendix P
  • You have insufficient maintenance funds to support your leave in the UK. If you are a Tier 2 applicant always check whether your sponsor will certify maintenance for you.
  • Failing to submit your documents in the specified time frame. The UKVI have requested further documentation for the application and you have failed to submit them within the time frame given. The UKVI will hold the application open for a period of time however if additional documentation is not supplied they can only consider the application as it stands at the time.
  • Withholding information pertinent to your application – Withholding information from the application may be deemed as deception and can cast a  shadow on your application and any subsequent applications. If you have a criminal history it is worth getting advice prior to submitting an application to the Home Office.
  • Taking unregulated advice – Don’t listen to your friends or family, they are not qualified to provide Immigration advice. Get advice from a regulated Immigration Adviser.
  • Making the same mistake again by not taking advice- Getting advice the second time round will provide you with the comfort you need.

Our Senior Immigration Advisers have assisted in many refusal cases and can provide UK services to suit your budgetary requirements. Whether you need a consultation or full representation we can guide you through the correct process ensuring all inconsistencies have been identified and dealt with appropriately prior to moving forward with the right process; whether it is for an appeal, judicial review, administrative review or simply re-applying.

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