Human Resources – Personnel File Management

Human Resources directives frequently change and there are multiple regulations that employers must adhere to including health and safety, contracts of employment, the Data Protection Act and GDPR to name but a few.

For anyone employed under Immigration control, particularly Points Based System Skilled Migrants, employers should ensure that contracts align with the correct employment eligibilities of that person. Whilst this might seem like a simple task, the number of immigration routes and working eligibilities that a job candidate may present is vast. It is also vital to maintain records of those employed in compliance with multiple stipulations.

If you’re not sure or in any doubt, then there is no doubt at all that you should seek advice. Avoiding civil penalties and preserving your statutory excuse is paramount.

If you are part of a Human Resource department and require reassurance that your systems and file management is compliant with the UKVI requirements.

Please call our Business Immigration Team and book a Tier 2 Licence Audit. Tel: 0207 836 8505 or email:

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