Genuine Entrepreneur Test – Initial application check list


Genuine entrepreneur test

The Genuine Entrepreneur Test is an entrepreneur visa requirement that must be met in order to fulfil the points requirement for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. In order to pass the Genuine Entrepreneur Test, applicants must satisfy the Home Office that they genuinely intend to establish, take over or become a director of a business or businesses within the United Kingdom within a timeframe of 6 months.

In order to pass the Genuine Entrepreneur Test:

  1. You must demonstrate that you intend to invest money in the business or businesses. That your investment is solely in your control and available to you until such times as it has been used for the business/ businesses in question.
  2. You are required to work within the business/ businesses your application for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur is based on and you must not take employment elsewhere during your time here in the UK.
  3. You must demonstrate through documentary evidence the credibility of the source of money available to you.
  4. You must demonstrate you hold a credible accurate business plan for the Business you are basing your application on. This plan must show full market research and demonstrate how the business will succeed.
  5. You must show any work experience or credentials that demonstrate your entrepreneurial skill and knowledge of the sector.
  6. The Home Office will also take into account your Immigration history such as your criminality in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Whether you have been deported, refused a visa or used deception in a previous application.
  7. You must demonstrate you have all the relevant paperwork to show your business has been registered in the UK and that you have the required insurances and accreditations to support the operations of the business.


Our Business Immigration Team advise that you ensure your Business Plan is well thought out, accurate and most importantly written by you. Engaging a third party to write it with little knowledge of you, your background and immediate business intentions is most likely to result in a refusal leaving a huge question mark over your credibility.

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