EEA Family Member

Family Members of EEA Nationals

Family Members of EEA Nationals who enjoy free movement rights under the EEA Regulations 2016 including EEA Nationals that are not themselves exercising their treaty rights and also non EEA-nationals. Family members of EEA Nationals are permitted to join their the main applicant here in the United Kingdom, however the main applicant must have a right to reside.

An non – EEA family member is defined in Regulation 6 as the following:

  • Spouse or civil partner;
  • Direct descendants, or the direct descendants of the spouse or civil partner who are either;
    (i) aged under 21; or
    (ii) dependants of his, or of his spouse or civil partner;
  • Dependent direct relatives in his ascending line, or in that of his spouse or civil partner.

Extended family members:

There is no limit on the distance of the relationship between you and the extended family member as long as you can provide valid proof of the relationship between you.  UKVI

The difference btween  non EEA Family members and EEA Family members is;

  • Non-EEA Family Members are required to apply for a Family permit to enter the United Kingdom and then after 6 months apply for a Non-EEA Family member residence card.
  • EEA Family Members may enter the United Kingdom straight away and apply for a EEA Residence Card however this is not mandatory.

Non-EEA Family member

Basic Requirements – EEA Family Permit

  • You will need to show evidence of your family connection.
  • The European family member known as the Sponsor will be required to show that they are a ‘Qualified Person’ under the EEA regulations 2016.


  • You may apply for EEA Family Permit from any British diplomatic post in the world.
  • Once you have entered the United Kingdom you may apply for a Residence Card.
  • Once you have held a Residence Card for 5 years, you may apply for  a Permanent Residency card.

Key Information

  • The permit is valid for 6 months and will permit you to live and work in the United Kingdom.
  • The UKVI processing fee is currently £0 however this may change after Britain leaves the European Union.
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