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Looking at the underlying numbers we can see that EU net migration has fallen as fewer EU citizens are arriving, especially those coming to look for work in the UK, and the number leaving has risen. It has now returned to the level seen in 2012. ONS

EEA Immigration Status – Despite the governments reassurance that EEA nationals are not required to apply for an immigration status until such times as UK leaves the EU in March 2019. A number of EEA Nationals have returned to Europe as it remains uncertain as to what the agreements between the UK and each European country will be.

The Government has confirmed that the current set of EEA Regulations 2016 may be replaced by a new Immigration Status route. The timelines for the new route to succeed the EEA Regulations 2016 is also uncertain as there may be a number or transitional regulations and rules to bring everything in line with the UK Immigration Rule framework.

During the next few years EEA Nationals and their family members should keep up to date with Brexit news. Please click below to the UKVI website:

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