EU citizens living in the UK, what does Brexit mean for you?

EU Citizens

1. Do EU citizens have a right to live and work in the UK post EU referendum results?

The rules governing the rights of EU citizens who reside in the UK legally currently remain in place.

2. How long will it take until the United Kingdom becomes Independent?

New UK rules and processes will need to be established in order to replace the EU rules and current trade agreements. Funding for this process will need to be provided to ensure the transition out of Europe is handled appropriately. It is anticipated our exit from the EU will take up to 2 years until the United Kingdom becomes Independent.

3. Will there be any implications for people working or studying in the United Kingdom?

The UK will remain a European state until Article 50 has been processed, which may take up to 2 years. It is likely Article 50 will be submitted in October when a new Prime Minister is elected.

4. What does this mean for European Citizens who want to remain in the UK?

Anyone who is currently residing in the UK under the EU rules may be permitted to stay. However those who decide to come to the UK after the transition may do so under a new set of UK Immigration rules.

5. How do I know whether I am eligible for Permanent Residency?

Under the current rules, EU citizens who have been exercising their treaty rights, living & working in the UK for a period of 5 years may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency otherwise known as Settlement.

6. How long will it take to apply for British citizenship?

After you have been in the UK for a period of 5 years and you hold Permanent Residency for a full year and providing you meet the other eligibility requirements such as the Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK (KOLL) you may be eligible to apply for Citizenship.

7. Where can I get advice for making an application for Permanent Residency?
Information on the transition out of the EU and what this means for EU Migrants living in the UK is limited. Therefore we do advise everyone to keep up to date with the changes as they come about. If you intend to start an application immediately, please seek advice from a regulated Immigration adviser. You can find a list of Immigration advisers from the UK Visas and Immigration website.


22 thoughts on “EU citizens living in the UK, what does Brexit mean for you?”

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    If I have been living and legally working in the UK for the past 2 years as an EU citizen, and I am willing to remain in the UK in the future, is there any other document that I need before applying for permanent residence? Any additional documents/certificate that I need after 2 years? I have a contract, National insurance number and UTR. Is there any other way of applying for residence after 2 years? Thank you kindly!

  2. To whom it mat concern,

    I am french living here since now over a decade, married to a British lady had two children registered in both country born in Uk.
    Having a mortgage, earning more than the average keeping in mind I’m working hard and manage British and other EU staff, I find all this ridiculous if by missfortune I need to apply for a permanent visa we will leave to France and uk will loose a lots well it is less than what they are now losing now and what they will carry on to lose this referendum is absolutely ridiculous and surely the politician won’t sign this article 50 lots of British citizen are going to suffer other people from EU will do like us , leave and laugh about all this.

    Kind regards

  3. I am romanian national start living in uk in 2011. Start my work in uk in 2013 as I need to get yellow card to start work. Do you think I need to apply QP EEA card now .to stay in this country also my non eu partner who is my dependent need to apply same time.

  4. Dear Sirs,
    I have been living in UK for 4 years . I have been working as part time employee and currently I’m a second year student at collegge and I am continuing working.
    Do you think it is likely the government to extend the required period of 5 years for a permanent residence. Thank you

  5. Hello i have been in England 10 years. First four year i have been working, after i got pregnant. I had break 4 years, i came back to work. I have worked four months and i had to leave because of anxiety. Ihad another break about two years. Now I m workin from 1.5 year. Do am i entitled for permanent residence

  6. Dear Sir, Madame,
    I am living in the UK for past 5 years and I was doing my accountancy diploma and now working.
    I need to apply for my residency . Can you please let me know how can do it and what are the documents they will need.
    Thank you

  7. Dear mam iam an Eu national and hve been in the uk for 2 years working i hve acquired an EEA visa for my wife and hve entered uk together with my 2 son who are spanish citizen also just want to ask if i could apply for residency for them and me also thanks warm regards…adrian

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