Tier 2 Licence Compliance & Reporting Duties

Licence Compliance and Reporting Duties

Licence compliance

Sponsorship privileges come with an obligation to the Home Office to comply with duties and responsibilities. These may change from time to time without warning and it is for the Sponsor to demonstrate due diligence. Failure to preserve your statutory excuse by following basic HR practices of licence compliance may result in civil penalties. Resulting in significant fines or down grading of your Licence Rating.

Reporting Duties

In addition an Employer’s obligation to confirm and record a job candidate’s Right to Work in the UK, a Sponsor must also record the details of their sponsored migrates on their Sponsor Management System (SMS). The detail must be kept correct and accurate.
Following this Gov.UK link for the most recent employer’s Right to Work check sheet:


For small to medium size companies that might not have designated HR departments, handling more than just a few sponsored employees can become a complex task particularly as they progress through Tier 2 sponsorship and how they might develop within their own career stream. We offer focused training on how a Licence might be maintained with minimum fuss and a demonstration of the Licence procedures.

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