Employer Sponsor Licence Revocation and Downgrade

Why do companies get their licence Revocation and downgrade?

Without frequent updates a Licence can rapidly become out of date failing to represent the Employer current status. There are requirements that Sponsors must adhere to in order to avoid their licence being downgraded or revoked.

  • Sponsoring companies must maintain their own access to their Sponsor Management System.
  • must report changes to migrant employment circumstances as they occur.
  • Another is reporting frequent changes to the migrant’s circumstances e.g salary increases minor changes to their duties and responsibilities.

There are a number of reasons why a Home Office compliance team may decide that a Sponsor has fallen short of their duties or even HR employment directives.

In our multicultural society there is an emphasis on ensuring employers do not provide eligible employment opportunities for those unlawfully in the UK. There are a number of consequences which include substantial fines and downgrading of sponsor privileges. This could ultimately effect the lawful status of sponsored migrants and hinder long term business aspirations an growth.

How can we assist?

The Visa Office proactively installs best practice procedures to ensure Sponsors can accurately keep their Sponsor Management Systems up to date and understand how varying circumstances effect those that they sponsor. Please refer to our service page for more information.

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