Immigration Advisory Service

Our Immigration Advisory Service is designed specifically for employers who hold a Tier 2 Employer Sponsor Licence or are about to apply for one. The Immigration Advisory Services is a 12 month retainer designed to support and advise your staff on the seamless operation of your Licence and your Home Office reporting duties. It is important to keep abreast of the complex and frequent Immigration rule changes in connection with the Point Based System and Tier 2 Employer Sponsorship guidance. If a company has more than just a handful of migrate workers, this can quickly become a fulltime job if you are relying on your own HR staff.

This service is designed to ensure you safely manage your recruitment and employment processes.

The typical support package from the 12 month IAS retainer is as follows:

• Initial advice and guidance on your existing migrant workforce and new recruits
• Employee Right to Work verification
• Dedicated Licence Representation and a Sponsor Management System Level 1 User
• Annual application renewal of COS allocations
• Diarised reminders for Licence and visa application renewals
• Maintenance and reporting of individual migrants’ Change of Circumstances
• Sponsor Management System Licence updates including Company change of circumstances

Why do I need Immigration Advisory Services?

Our IAS package is designed for all Licence holders big or small. We will typically begin with an audit process to ensure your Licence is compliant. This service is also perfect for companies who have been recently successful in applying for their Licence. Our service can provide extra support to  your HR Team to enable them to familiarise themselves with the Sponsors Management System and the Home Office compliance duties.

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