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From 1st January 2021, the new Points Based System will come in to force reshaping the working category to allow for EU nationals to apply under the UK rules. However there are a number of big changes coming into force from 1st December 2020; the Tier 2 Employer Sponsor Licence  was replaced by Skilled Worker licence, hailed as a more accessible and easy to manage process for Employers and their applicants. This route will be very similar to its predecessor however designed to eliminate some of the pre application administration; reducing timelines so businesses can get their desired candidate to the UK to start work sooner.

If you currently hold a Tier 2 Employer Sponsor Licence, your licence will automatically be updated to the new Points Based System Skilled Worker Licence. So you will not have to undertake any administration processes to make the changes yourself.

Sponsor Licence Services

Our Business Immigration Team can provide you with a range of  Employer Sponsor Licence advice & representation services to enable you to focus on running your business. Whether you are looking for on-going assistance or one-off representation we are able to accommodate your needs.

All of our Sponsor Licence and visa applications commence with an initial complementary consultation. The initial consultation usually takes an hour and helps us understand how your business operates and what your existing and future intentions are with recruiting overseas nationals.

We provide several representation and support services for  Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence holders:

  •  Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence – Initial application service.
  •  Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence renewal service.
  •  Sponsor Licence audit on your company processes and compliance with the UKVI duties. 
  • Visa applications and extensions for your employees. Our experienced caseworkers can process applications swiftly and accurately.
  • Immigration Advisory Service retainer scaled up or down to suit your needs.
  • Please call us and find out more about our tailored services for Micro and Start Up companies.

For more information about our services or if you would like the benefit of speaking with a consultant regarding the employment of overseas nationals. Please contact our Business Immigration Team Tel: 0207 836 8505 and book your complimentary initial consultation.

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