Terms and Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, “The Practice” refers to The Visa Office Ltd – Online Services. The “Client” is the person or company who enters into business with The Practice by way of agreeing to the Practice’s “Terms & Conditions.” The undertaking between the Practice & the Client shall be governed by and construed as in accordance with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Subject to the Rules of Conduct, the Practice shall not be responsible for any failure to perform its obligations hereunder, due to circumstances beyond its control.

The “Online Services” refer to those services which are accessible through www.visa-office.com and are currently limited to the “Visa Assessment Suite.”

Terms of Service
1. Visa Assessment Suite

The client hereby acknowledges the practice is permitted to carry out an initial assessment of the clients’ eligibility to apply for a visa application. The Assessment will be processed, reviewed and summarised by a regulated immigration adviser. The adviser may need to make contact with the client during the assessment process, therefore all contact details must be provided by the client to ensure a full service.

The visa assessment suite is an assessment of the Clients eligibility under the Immigration rules. The service and summary review is not to be interpreted as a formal opinion to the client. The Company takes no responsibility for the actions of the client should they use this service to proceed with their own visa application and the application fails. Should the client wish to have a formal opinion for their eligibility they must book a consultation with one of our regulated Immigration Advisers.

2. Standard off-line services

The Practice may advise, make recommendations and promote other services of the practice to assist the client after the completion of the assessment. These services are our standard offline services.

Our Standard offline services consist of consultation and opinion, document and application review and full representation. In the case that the Client opts for any of these services they will be required to provide documentary evidence for review by a regulated Immigration Adviser in order for the adviser to provide a full opinion as to the potential success of the application.

Our standard off line Terms & Conditions are made available on engagement of our services or upon request of the client.

3. Visa Assessment Suite – Service Standards

The Practice will respond to the client within 48 hours of the submission of the assessment form. There may be times whereby The Practice may be delayed in responding due to high demand for the service or if the clients assessment is of a more complex nature. The practice will not be held responsible for delays which occur due to reasonable circumstances out of its control.

4. Payment Terms

Payment for The Practice’s online services is to be made in full before the completion of the Visa Assessment Form. Any other payment of services required hereon after will be considered as standard offline services and will be invoiced separately in accordance with the ordinary Terms and Conditions of The Practice. All Payments to be made by either BACs, Debit Card, American ExpressCredit Card or via PayPal as directed by The Practice. If the Client is using this service outside the UK and is using one of the above payment methods,  a handling fee may be applied, due to varying exchange rates.

Should the Client go on to engage our offline consultation services the Visa Assessment fee of £25 inc VAT will be refunded to the client on completion of the consultation and once the consultation fee has been paid.

All fees relating to the Practices online services are to be paid in full in GB Pounds Sterling or in the equivalent currency in the country in which the assessment form is completed. Failure to pay the full assessment fee will cancel the online assessment process.

5. Client Declarations

When the client ticks the box to confirm they have read and understood the Practice’s Terms and Conditions the Client declares that all the information which is used in the Visa Assessment Form and thereafter is genuine, true and complete. The assessment will not go forward and your fee may not be refunded should it be discovered that the information provided is false and incomplete.

6. Termination

Should any information that has been supplied to the Practice by The Client be found to have been falsified or incomplete, or the client knowingly concealed relevant information from the Adviser the Practice reserves the right to terminate any agreement with the Client without prior notice. Subject to the OISC’s Conduct Rules 2016 and any code of conduct rules preceding 2016, the Practice also
reserves the right to cease representing the client should the practice deem it necessary.

7. Confidentiality

The Client is satisfied that all personal information given to the Practice will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

The Client agrees to a representative of the OISC having access to their case file for their audit purposes in accordance with the OISC mandate granted by the Secretary of State.

Each of the above conditions shall be read and construed independently of each other so that if one or more is held to be invalid as an unreasonable restraint of trade, or for any other reason whatsoever, then the remaining Terms and Conditions shall be valid to the extent that they are not held to be invalid. Further, in the event that any Term and Condition shall be found to be void but will be valid if some part thereof were deleted, then such Term and Condition shall apply with such modification as may be necessary to make it valid and effective.

The failure by the Practice at any time or for any period to enforce any one or more of these Terms & Conditions shall not be a waiver of them, or a waiver of the right to enforce such Terms and Conditions on a future occasion.

8. Complaints

In the event that you wish to complain about the conduct of your Adviser or the Practice you should do so in writing to an officer of the company. On these occasions the officer will record the detail of the complaint in the Complaints Register. The officer is empowered to remedy the complaint. a written entry confirming the rectification of the problem will be recorded in the Register and a report entered on to the clients file. After commencement of investigation every effort is made to report back to the client within 28days for resolution. In the event that it is not possible to report back within that timeframe the client will then be advised accordingly The Practice has a full complaints procedure and this can be made available upon request. Further, a complaint can be made directly to the OISC, information regarding their Complaints Scheme can be obtained at their website www.oisc.gov.uk.

Our Terms and conditions are subject to change. This page will be updated in due course.

Fraud Disclaimer: If you have been a victim of fraud relating to Immigration to the United Kingdom, please use the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/frauds-tricks-and-scams

Website Disclaimer: While every effort is made to update this website. The materials contained in this website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice. The Visa Office Ltd does not accept responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information contained in this site.