6th July Rule Changes – Tier 2 Allocation of Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship

restricted certificates of sponsorship

UK businesses sponsoring individuals from outside the EEA should be aware that the back log of Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship applications will start to ease after 6th July 2018. The Tier 2 Limit of 20,700 restricted certificates of sponsorship has been oversubscribed since December 2017 meaning there has been a huge back log of applications to filter through the Tier 2 Limits Team each month. A third of the annual restricted certificate of sponsorship allocation has been used by NHS professionals due to pressures and skills shortages, a direct result of health sector professionals leaving the UK.

Solution to being oversubscribed

Health sector employers will be able to employ professionals without using Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship, thus removing pressure from the Tier 2 limit and freeing up places for key roles which contribute significantly to the UK economy. Doctors and nurses whose job codes fall outside the Shortage Occupation List are still required to meet the Resident Labour Market Test to show that a UK resident job applicant has not been disadvantaged during the recruitment process.

Croatian Nationals

Croatian Nationals will no longer need to apply for a Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship as a result of the transitional rules for Croatian Nationals being lifted on the 5th anniversary of Croatia’s accession to the European Union. Therefore applications for a restricted certificate of sponsorship will no longer count towards the tier 2 limit thus giving UK businesses access to more Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship.

Navigating the Tier 2 Sponsorship system can be complex. If you need in depth advice and guidance on presenting an application for a Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship we would like to hear from you.

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