EU Settlement Scheme

In response to the proposed EU Settlement Scheme, I am penning this blog both  to recent enquiries which in essence incorporate the repeated concern: “I have just read that after March 2019 that our permanent residence certificates will not be valid any longer!!??” as well as a continuation of my previous blog – the lack of clarity as to exactly how European citizens will regularise their immigration status post-March 2019 remains.

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Inheriting Responsibility of the Sponsor Management System

Sponsor Management System

Inheriting Responsibility of the Sponsor Management System (SMS)

If you have recently been appointed a Human Resource Manager or you are inheriting responsibility of the immigration department of your firm, here are some useful tips to get you started on the Sponsor Management System (SMS).

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NHS cure to RCoS Allocations

June oversubscription of Tier 2 RCoS Allocations

Many UK businesses and aspiring skilled migrants will be painfully aware of the ongoing oversubscription of the Tier 2 RCoS allocations Points Based System. It’s a reasonable assumption that this is a Brexit related phenomenon as more UK companies have identified non-European labour as a more secure source of recruitment.

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